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Yamashita Tomohisa to sing theme song for late-night drama, 'Shinryochuu -in the Room-'

January 9, 2013 @ 7:54 am
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Yamashita Tomohisa's new song, "Kai?Sera?Sera", has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming late-night drama, 'Shinryochuu -in the Room'.

'Shinryochuu -in the Room-', a school drama starring SMAP's Inagaki Goro, will air on NTV starting January 12th. He plays a psychiatrist who solves various problems that the students and teachers are going through. It will also star Sakai Miki, Asano Yuko, Takada Sho (Johnny's Jr.), Sanada Yuma (noon boyz), Nozawa Yuki (noon boyz), Tanaka Izuki (Johnny's Jr.), and Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2).

The theme song was produced by passepied, Ogoda Natsuki (Vo) was in charge of the lyrics, and Narita Haneda (Key) was in charge of the melody. It hasn't been announced when the song will be released in CD form.

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