Aoyama Yuki's 'School Girl Complex' photo book to be turned into a feature-length film

February 7, 2013 @ 10:12 am
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On February 7th, it was announced that photographer Aoyama Yuki's popular photo book 'School Girl Complex' is going to be turned into a feature-length film starring the two young actresses Morikawa Aoi and Kadowaki Mugi.

Aoyama has worked on many photo books for actresses and idols alike. He also did the cover shooting for the most recent issue of the beauty magazine 'anan' featuring AKB48's Kashiwagi Yuki. In 2010, he released a unique photo book titled 'School Girl Complex'. This photo book depicted all the (dangerous) charms of junior and senior high school girls from the point of view of a boy going through puberty. However, it wasn't only well-received by male buyers, but also earned a lot of support and praise from girls and women.

The movie adaptation 'School Girl Complex Housoubu Hen' will be handled by movie director Onuma Yuichi ('Doutei Housouki', 'nude'). Set in the broadcasting club ('housoubu') of a girls' school, the story follows a young school girl named Manami and her encounter with a girl who ruffles her heart. Similar to the photo book, Onuma is going to try and film it almost without any focus on the faces of the characters.

Manami is portrayed by Morikawa, who started her career as an exclusive model for the popular fashion magazine 'Seventeen'. She soon picked up roles in dramas such as the late-night drama 'Sprout' and the upcoming WOWOW CLAMP drama 'Holic xxxHOLiC'.

The key character who is going to confuse Manami is a young girl named Chiyuki who joins the broadcasting club towards the end of their high school days. Chiyuki is mature and hard to approach, as she repeated a year, and causes a lot of problems in the club. She is played by Kadowaki, who has previously appeared in the WOWOW drama 'Hitori Shizuka' and the movie 'Intermission'.

Other young actresses such as Kondo Maaya ('Kokuhaku'), Yoshikura Aoi, Konno Ayuri, and Takai Tsukina are also going to appear in the movie.

Sources:, Mantan-Web


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