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Posted by HPriest TH STAFF Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ayase Haruka receives her 2nd 'Valentine Queen Award'


On February 9th, actress Ayase Haruka received the 'ORICON Valentine Queen Award 2013' at a public event in Tokyo. It's her second Valentine Queen Award after first receiving one in 2011.

The award was the result of a recent survey ORICON STYLE had conducted in January. The website asked 3,000 women in their teens to their thirties on which other woman they'd like to give "Tomo-choco (friend chocolate)" on Valentine's Day. It was split into the two categories "favorite actress" and "most admirable woman" and Ayase was able to come out on top for both of the categories.

She proudly received the trophy made of Pocky and commented, "It makes me happy to receive such strong support from women."

At the event, Ayase talked about her past Valentine's Day experiences. She said, "During my student days, my friends and I started making chocolate and exchanged it with each other. 'Tomo-choco' was popular even back then." Further she explained that she would like to go and have the most delicious chocolate cake for her ideal Valentine's Day date.

On a completely different note, Ayase was also asked about her latest obsession. The actress confessed, "I like to watch concerts on DVD while I'm in the bathtub and have a karaoke party all by myself." She continued, "I'm quite an enthusiastic singer in the bathtub. It's really intense and the singing helps to work off all the stress, but I'm worried that it might be a nuisance to my neighbors."

Glico and the actress also revealed her personally decorated Pocky sticks. The theme for Ayase's Pocky design is "wizard and the witch" and the unique design earned some laughs from the audience. She stated, "I've always wanted to become a witch and fly through the sky on a broom. I think they (the Pocky designs) look really cute."

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Sources: Mantan-Web, Joshi Plus (Oricon)

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