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BUMP OF CHICKEN releases special MV for "Tentai Kansoku"

February 22, 2013 @ 9:09 am
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Previously, it was reported that BUMP OF CHICKEN would be releasing their first live DVD and Blu-ray, 'BUMP OF CHICKEN GOLD GLIDER TOUR 2012', on March 6th. The video clip for "Tentai Kansoku", which was made out of footage from this work, has been revealed through the band's special website.

'BUMP OF CHICKEN GOLD GLIDER TOUR 2012' will contain footage from the band's concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on July 3rd. The video clip is based on their performance of "Tentai Kansoku" towards the end of the live along with footage from their acoustic live and illustrations from manga artist Inoue Takehiko.

Check out the special MV below!

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