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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS to release their last best-of album

February 26, 2013 @ 2:08 am
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It was announced that FUNKY MONKEY BABYS who will release their last single "Arigatou" on February 27th, will also release their last best-of album "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS LAST BEST" on March 27th.

The best-of album will come with 3 discs. DISC 1 titled "Fan BEST" is comprised of the songs that came straight out from the results of their requestproject"FUNKY MONKEY BABYS Anata ga Erabu 'Fan-mon Song Best 10'" held from the end of last year to January 25th. DISC 2 titled "Member BEST" is comprised of songs that were chosen by the members. Lastly, DISC 3 titled "SingleBEST" consists of the songs selected carefully among all the singles they have released.

The limited edition will come with a DVD, and it will include the video clips for 11 songs (5 songs from fans' votes, 5 songs chosen by the members, and their last single 'Arigatou'), as well as a special footage.

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS will disband after their first one-man live concert at Tokyo Dome "Omae-tachi tono Michi FINAL ~in Tokyo Dome~", which will be held for 2 days on June 1st and 2nd.

Below is the details on "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS LAST BEST."


[caption id="attachment_290411" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Limited Edition"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_290412" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Regular Edition"][/caption]

01. Sayonara Janai
02. Ato Hitotsu
03. Chippoke na Yuuki
04. Kokuhaku
05. Kanashimi nante Warai Tobase
06. Taisetsu
07. Kibo no Uta
08. Hero
09. Lovin' Life
11. Kono Sekai ni Umareta Wake
12. Natsumi
13. Nishibi to Kageboushi


DISC 2 [Member BEST]
01. Taiyo Odori ~Shin Hachioji Ondo~ (Mon-kichi's selection)
02. Morning Shot (DJ Chemical's selection)
03. Naite Waratte Yume wo Miteta (Funky Kato's selection)
04. Arigatou (All three' selection)
05. Yume de Aetara ~I'm feelin' you~ (Mon-kichi's selection)
06. Melody Line (DJ Chemical's selection)
07. Gamushara BOY (Funky Kato's selection)
08. Boku wa Santa Claus (DJ Chemical & Floor on the Intelligence remix?(Mon-kichi's selection)
09. Sayonara no Mukougawa (Funky Kato's selection)
10. Sora (Mon-kichi's selection)
11. Oh my lady (Funky Kato's selection)
12. Tenshi to Akuma (DJ Chemical's selection)
13. Hachioji Junai Monogatari (DJ Chemical's selection)


DISC 3 [Single BEST]
02. Sonomanma Higashi e
03. Koi no Katamichi Kippu
04. Mou Kimi ga Inai
05. Love Letter
06. Ashita e
07. Tabidachi
08. Yume
09. Sakura
10. Namida
11. Runway?Beat
13. Soredemo Shinjiteru


[DVD] *Limited Edition only
01. Sonomanma Higashi e
02. Lovin' Life
03. Mou Kimi ga Inai
04. Kokuhaku
05. Hero
06. Ashita e
07. Namida
08. Taisetsu
09. Ato Hitotsu
10. Sayonara Janai
11. Arigatou
?Special footage included


Source & Image: natalie


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