Hayami Mokomichi produces his original olive oil

February 22, 2013 @ 10:31 am
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Actor Hayami Mokomichi has produced his own original olive oil for his popular corner 'MOCO'S Kitchen' on news program 'ZIP!'.

With a well-established farm in Spain called Catador, Hayami challenged himself to creating the perfect olive blend. He wanted "a taste that you come to like more the more you use it." Hayami was also particular about the packaging design as he illustrated the olives that appear on the label and box.

Regarding the olive oil he produced, Hayami commented, "A flavor that's fruity with a gentle sweetness, but it also has a stimulating spice to it. It's almost like the kind of love that women imagine." He revealed the appeal of the product, saying, "I will be happy if people will smile by using this fresh and high-quality olive oil in all kinds of cooking. Not only the taste and smell, but please also enjoy this olive that conveys the passion of Spain."

Hayami's olive oil will be called 'MOCO'S Kitchen Extra Virgin Olive Oil', and it will go on sale on the program's website for a limited time starting on February 24th. It will be priced at 5,250 yen (approximately $56.26 USD).

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Source & Photos: Mantan Web


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