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Posted by Shiso TH STAFF Friday, February 22, 2013

Horikita Maki to star in a new movie "Mugiko-san to"


It was announced that Horikita Maki will star in a new movie "Mugiko-san to" as an anime Otaku girl named "Mugiko". Horikita's co-stars include Matsuda Ryuhei as Horikita's older brother, Yo Kimiko as Horikita's mother, and other various cast members, such asAso Yumi.

"Mugiko-san to" is Yoshida Keisuke's new movie with the theme of "love between a parent and child", and it is said that Yoshida spent 7 years on its plot.


After their father passes away, Mugiko (Horikita) lives with her brother (Matsuda) in a city. One day, their mother "Ayako" (Yo), who left them when they were little and haven't heard from her since, comes back to them, but before long, the mother who was hiding her illness, passes away. Mugiko visits mother's hometown to lay her ashes to rest, and she finds out her mother was like an idol of the town. As Mugiko looks exactly like her mother, the whole town suddenly begins to liven up, and it also causes several confusion. At first Mugiko feels antipathy toward her mother, but by coming in touch with more of her mother through the people at the town, a new and different feeling starts growing in Mugiko.


Horikita's role, Mugiko, is an anime Otaku girl who has a dream to be a voice actress and works at an anime specialty store. Reportedly, there will be a scene where Mugiko mimics a character "Megu-chan" from "Ima Doki Doukyuusei", which is supposed to be a popular anime in the movie.

Horikita commented, "I played the role whileimagining Mugiko's complicated feelings during in theprocess of her reunion with her mother to her growth through the forever farewell to her mother." According to Horikita, Yo is her adoring actress, as she said, "I was happy to be able to play as mother and daughter with her."

Regarding the reason for appointing Horikita, the director Yoshida revealed, "Since there is a scene that people get all excited towards Mugiko, I asked Horikita-san for the role as she is the one who makes me excited the most."

Yoshida also explained about the movie, commenting, "Since I was not a dutiful child, I put my honest feeling towards my mother into a movie. It's a movie about Mugiko finding the feeling of loss which she was not able to feel since her mother's death."

"Mugiko-san to" is set for release this fall.

Source & Image: Cinematoday & Sanspo

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