Kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke to marry the 4th daughter of Nakamura Kichiemon

February 13, 2013 @ 8:34 pm
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On February 13, it was revealed via a fax sent out to the press that Kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke (35) will marry Namino Yoko (30), the 4th daughter of Kabuki actor Nakamura Kichiemon.

Kikunosuke comes from a distinguished family in the Kabuki world as he is the first-born son of Kabuki actor Onoe Kikugoro (70) and actress Fuji Sumiko (67). Kikunosuke and Yoko, along with their respective fathers, will appear at a hotel in Tokyo to announce their engagement on Valentine's Day.

Source& Image: Daily Sports Online


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