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Kariyushi58 announces a new single in May

February 24, 2013 @ 8:54 pm
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Kariyushi58, who just celebrated their 7th anniversary since debut on February 22nd, announced that they will be releasing theirfirstsingle for 2013 (currentlyuntitled).

The single will be released on May 8th, "the Kariyushi day". Additionally, they are also scheduled to release a new album titled "8" which will be the sequel to their previous album "5" (released in November 2012).

Stay tuned for further details on Kariyushi58's upcoming single and album!

For those of you who are not familiar with Kariyushi58, check out the PV for "Anma (= Okinawan word for mother)", their big hit single which recently reached 10 million views on YouTube.

Source & Image: natalie


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