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Main cast members for the movie adaptation of "Oshin" revealed

February 6, 2013 @ 1:24 am
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The legendary NHK morning drama "Oshin" will be getting a movie adaptation which will be directed by Togashi Shin, and the main cast members have been revealed at the public presentationheld on February 5th.

"Oshin" was written by a scriptwriter Hashida Sugako, and it was aired during 1983 ~ 1984 with a total of 297 episodes. The drama received a peak rating of 62.9%, and average rating of 52.6% (in Kanto region, according to Video Research) which are the highest rating number in the TV drama history in Japan. Set about 100 years ago, the drama depicts the life of "Oshin", a woman who was born in a poorvillagein Yamagata, and lives strongly without losing to hardships. It was alsobroadcast in 86 countries and regions all over the world.

The movie adaptation will mainly feature "Oshin"s girlhood. It will depict "Oshin" growing up earnestly andcharmingly in the severe, yetmagnificentnature in Yamagata, while thinking of her family regardless of many hardships. It will be based on the script written by Hashida for the TV drama 30 years ago, but will be adding some new stories.

The main cast members announced on this day include Hamada Kokone as the protagonist "Oshin", Ueto Aya as "Fuji" (Oshin's mother), Kishimoto Kayoko as "Tsune" (a servant at a timber store under Oshin's firstemployer), Kobayashi Ayako as "Mino" (the young mistress at Kaga-ya, Ohin's second employer), Nogi Ryosuke as "Seitaro" (the master of Kaga-ya), Yoshimura Jitsuko as "Naka" (Oshin's grandmother), Mitsushima Shinnosuke as "Shunsaku" (a deserter), Guts Ishimatsu as "Matsuzou" (a charcoal-burner), and Izumi Pinko as "Kuni" (the mistress of Kaga-ya).

At the public presentation, Ueto, Izumi, Hamada, Hashida, and the director Togashi made appearances

Ueto commented, "I'm thankful to people who chose me over many actresses, but I feel pressured at the same time. I know there will be those that voice that it's still too early for me to play the role, or I do not look like a mother, but Pinko-san gave me great advice: 'It'll be fine as long as you put your all into the role. I know you can do it.' so I will play this role putting my all into it!" Izumi who played as Oshin's mother in the previous TV drama, whom Ueto will be playing in the movie, said, "I'm glad that Aya-chan will be playing the role. I'm sure it will be a great movie if we work hard." The rookie child actress Hamada who was chosen among 2,500 people in audition, appeared in costume for the role, and said, "I will try my best in playing the role of Oshin," while turning red in the cheeks.

The whole filming will be held in Yamagata, and it is said to start in the middle of February. The movie will be open in theaters in October.

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Source & Image: MANTAN WEB

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