Nikaido Fumi reveals that she fainted on the set of 'Nou Otoko', traumatizing co-star Ikuta Toma

February 10, 2013 @ 12:13 am
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On February 9th, Takimoto Tomoyuki's latest film 'Nou Otoko' celebrated its premiere. Both the director as well as the cast attended the opening day stage greeting in Tokyo.

The cast of 'Nou Otoko' is led by actor Ikuta Toma who plays a mysterious man who commits countless murders in the name of justice. He is being called 'brain man' (nou otoko) by other people, because he is very intelligent and has an outstanding memory. This man also doesn't seem to be capable of any kind of emotions as he commits all of his murders without the slightest expressions.

Ikuta is supported by a great group of actors including Nikaido Fumi, Matsuyuki Yasuko, Eguchi Yosuke and Ohta Rina, who all attended the stage greeting as well.

The most surprising and shocking episode from the process of making the film was revealed by young actress Nikaido. She mentioned that she actually fainted in the middle of filming a certain scene.

Nikaido portrays a serial bomber in the film and the said incident happened after the protagonist finally managed to get a hold of the girl. Ikuta was supposed to act like he was strangling her, when she suddenly lost all of her strength. He commented, "The director told me to do it a little stronger, so I put more strength into my grip, but Fumi-chan suddenly fainted and dropped to the floor... Doing something like that to a 17 (now 18) year-old girl caused quite a trauma for me."

The young actress commented on the filming in her typical blunt and merciless fashion, "I just wanted them all to drop dead." Director Takimoto also asked her to lose a lot of weight for her role, which didn't exactly make her become his biggest fan on the set. She spoke up, "I'm still in my growth period, so it's hard to lose any weight! 'Please let this filming be over soon,' I thought. I wasn't even allowed to eat rice let alone any sorts of sweets."

Takimoto admitted that he must have been pretty harsh on her and joked, "I was probably on the top of her list of the people she wanted to die. I could see it in her eyes, 'I'm gonna kill you'."

Even Eguchi agreed with Nikaido on the harsh filming conditions, but he didn't express it as bluntly as the young actress. He commented, "I had a hand-to-hand fighting scene with Ikuta and it took us 27 hours to complete this scene. It felt like I was going to collapse in the middle of filming as well."

Ikuta tried to conclude the greeting in a more appealing fashion and expressed, "It probably doesn't sound right coming from my own mouth, but this really turned out to be a very interesting film. I think this is the proof that films like this can be made in Japan after all. Japanese culture is a wonderful thing and this film makes you realize it once more. I'm confident (of its quality)."

'Nou Otoko' has opened in cinemas nationwide and is distributed by Toho.

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Sources: Oricon, Cinematoday


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