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Ono Machiko, Matsuzaka Tori and more receive the "Elan d'or Awards"

February 7, 2013 @ 7:56 pm
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On February 7th, an awarding ceremony for the '2013 Elan d'or Awards' was held at a hotel in Tokyo.

"The Elan d'or Awards" are presented by the All Nippon Producers Association (ANPA) torecognize the producers and promising actors/actresses who achieved outstanding works in domestic movies and TV dramas through the year.

The subjects works for this year were the domestic movies shown in Tokyo, as well as one-shot dramas and drama series aired during December 1st 2011 ~ November 30th 2012, and the award winners were selected by the members of ANPA.

The actors/actresses who received the "newcomers of the year" were Sometani Shota, Ono Machiko, Matsuzaka Tori, Takei Emi, Moriyama Mirai, and Maki Yoko.

Ono who started in the NHK morning drama "Carnation" including many other movies and dramas, commented, "As an actress, I will continue my own best to be true to this award."

Takei who starred in dramas for 3 consecutive seasons last year, said, "I was leading a hectic life, but it was also a precious experience as there were many things to learn. I'mobsessedby the sense of accomplishment which I feel when the drama is over. I would like to continue doing my best this year as well, while bracing myself."

Moriyama also commented, "I was wondering if it's ok for me to receive this award at this timie, but I take it as I am being told that I am not good enough yet and need to apply myself diligently. Marking this as my turning point, I want to continue running forward."

To the awarding ceremony, Higuchi Shinji (the director of movie "Nobou no Shiro"), Abe Hiroshi (starred in "Thermae Romae"), Horikita Maki (starred in "Ume-chan Sensei"), Yonekura Ryoko (starred in "Doctor X"), Natori Yuko (stars in "Houigaku Kyoushitsu no Jiken File" -one of the popular series from "Doyo Wide Gekijo") also made appearances tocongratulatethe award winners.

The winners of the "2013 Elan d'or Awards" are below.


<Producer Awards>
Best Producer
- Kubota Osamu (film) - "Nobou no Shiro"
- Iwatani Kanako (TV) - "Ume-chan Sensei"

Best Producer (Incitement Award)
- Inaba Naoto (film) - "Thermae Romae"
- Uchiyama Satoko (TV) - "Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko"

<ANPA Special Award>
- The late Kobayashi Shunichi

<Special Award>
- "Doyo Wide Gekijo 35-Shuunen"

<Newcomers of the Year>
- Sometani Shota
- Ono Machiko
- Matsuzaka Tori
- Takei Emi
- Moriyama Mirai
- Maki Yoko

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Source & Image: Oricon + ANPA official site


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