Sato Ryuta to star in a new late-night drama as a hopeless man who becomes an unlikely hero

February 21, 2013 @ 6:48 am
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It was announced that Sato Ryuta will star in a late night drama "Detarame Hero (tentative title)" that will start airing in April.

In the drama, Sato will play a hopeless man who is unemployed, hates to do anything troublesome, and asks girls for money. He is clearly not someone to be thanked by others. Though he is just a scum usually, he becomes a hero "Goggle Z" for 10 minutes.


One day, a hopeless man named "Kuzumi Kenta" (Sato), whose favorite phrase is "it's troublesome", happens to take care of "Daichi", a son of his older sister who passed away from a traffic accident, reluctantly.

Kenta finds out that his physical ability and five senses get 10 times stronger than usual only for 10 minutes when he eats a mysterious candy that Daichi has. Knowing about Kenta's special power, his best friend and police officer "Tanba Shuji" tries to forcibly make Kenta into a hero.


Though it's a comedy, it will also be a human drama that shows Kenta's growth through helping people and being thanked by them in return.

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Other than Sato, Tsukamoto Takashi (as "Tanba Shuji", Kenta's best friend and police officer), Motokariya Yuika (as "Kurata Natsuki", a part-time worker at aconveniencestore, who is helped by Kenta), and Kohinata Fumiyo (as "Kuroki Kei", a president of a pharmaceutical company, who is eyeing to research the superpower that was developed by Kenta's sister) will be making appearances in the drama. The script will be written by Nezu Rika ("Kimi ni Todoke", "Saint?Oniisan") and Tokunaga Yuichi ("Stepfather Step").

Sato commented, "I want to enjoy playing a scum to the fullest... I want the viewers to see how the undisciplined man could grow through his relationship with a child. It may sound like a crazy drama, but I am sure it will be interesting to watch, so please lookforwardto it."

"Detarame Hero (tentative title)" is scheduled to begin airing starting on April 4th on YTV/NTV (every Thursday at 11:58 pm).

Source & Image: MANTAN WEB + Oricon


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