Shinoda Mariko opens the first store for her original brand 'ricori'

February 28, 2013 @ 7:57 am
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On February 27th, AKB48's Shinoda Mariko attended an opening event for her original brand's first store opening at Lumine Est Shinjuku.

Regarding the brand name, ricori,Shinoda explained, "I named it 'ricori' using Mariko's 'riko' and the word for 'cute' in Spanish, 'rico'." She also commented on the launching of her brand, saying, "It was a dream of mine since before entering AKB48. I also went to a fashion school for that reason." She then shared that she has been working on designs for the past 10 years, "I have about 1,000 designs in stock."

All clothing for the brand was designed and produced by Shinoda herself. "It's difficult to get everyone to settle on one thing," she stated and continued, "Akimoto-sensei is amazing. Even in front of people, he's able to say things firmly."

Aside from Tokyo, Shinoda is set to open up two stores in Osaka; Shinsaibashi OAP on March 8th and Umeda HEP FIVE on March 15th. When asked, "What about overseas?", she replied, "If I were to open up a store overseas, I would like to open one in Hawaii." She added, "First, I want to do my best in Japan."

Reporters also suggested that Shinoda should hold a fashion show in the near future. She responded, "That sounds good! I think there are people in AKB that would like to take part, so I want to help!"

Source & Photos: Oricon


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