Takahashi Katsumi & Eikura Nana to co-star in new detective drama

February 23, 2013 @ 1:04 pm
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On February 23rd, it was announced that actor Takahashi Katsumi and actress Eikura Nana are going to co-star in an upcoming TBS detective drama titled 'Kakusho ~ Keishicho Sousa 3 Ka'.

'Kakusho ~ Keishicho Sousa 3 Ka' is based on the police novel 'Kakusho' written by Konno Bin. The story focuses on the Third Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, which specializes on theft cases that make up 70% of all recorded criminal offenses. It follows the members of this division as they gather information and conduct stakeouts in order to catch the thieves. They also often happen to help other divisions with difficult cases such as homicide.

The clashes between the First Investigation Division, who mainly work on homicides, and the Third Investigation Division will be one of the highlights of this series. Two detectives of the First Division will be played by Bananaman's Shitara Osamu and Kadono Takuzo.

Third Division's veteran detective 'Hagio Shuichi' is played by Takahashi. Hagio wishes to move up to the First Division someday. He is partnered with the passionate and very skilled female detective 'Takeda Akiho' (Eikura). They are a unique duo who are 26 years apart in age.

Takahashi commented, "I've been a fan of detective dramas since childhood. 'Uwasa no Keiji Tommy to Matsu' and 'Taiyou ni Hoero!' were two of my favorites. I was surprised that I'm actually going to play the protagonist in a detective drama, but I'm also very happy."

Eikura expressed, "At first glimpse, it doesn't seem like my character matches with Detective Hagio played by Takahashi, but I think they are going to work together really well. It will be great if the viewers gradually become used to this duo and eventually fall in love with them." She continued, "I will work hard in order to make you think of it as an unconstrained drama that is overflowing with humanity."

TBS will be airing 'Kakusho ~ Keishicho Sousa 3 Ka' every Monday at 8:00 pm starting on April 15th.

Source: Mantan-Web


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