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Winners of 'Kimono Queen Contest 2013'

February 17, 2013 @ 9:42 pm
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On Feburary 16th, Usui Chiaki (19) was chosen as the grand prix for Japan's biggest kimono event, 'Kimono Queen Contest 2013'.

Usui was born in Miyazaki and currently resides in Kanagawa. She has appeared as an extra in the film, 'Soup: Umare Kawari no Monogatari' (2012). She expressed, "It doesn't seem real. I don't know what to say, but I'm filled with happiness."

Usui was named the queen of kimono out of 5,715 contestants. "I'm surprised. I'm happy that I was able to show my femininity by wearing a kimono." As she will be celebrating her coming-of-age ceremony next year, she commented, "I'm excited. I want to be able to find my new self."

The contest's special supporter, 'The 13th Japan Bisho-jo Contest' grand prix Yoshimoto Miyu (16) and special guest, actress Sato Aiko (35) also attended the event to give their blessings to Usui. Wearing a red long-sleeved kimono, Yoshimoto stated, "It was fun to serve as a judge." Meanwhile, Sato said, "By wearing a kimono, you are able to judge yourself. Of course posture, but you are able to express your strength and kindness. Also, the back of the neck is beautiful. This beauty is beyond description."

The runner-ups for this year's contest were Tezuka Rino (19) and Hoshino Reina (20). Furthermore, the Oscar Promotion Award went to Kamata Yumeno (19).

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Source & Photos: Oricon


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