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Acid Black Cherry reveals the details on his new project

March 5, 2013 @ 10:31 pm
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Previously, Acid Black Cherry (ABC) announced that he would start a new project called "Shangri-la" this summer, and the details on the new project have finally been revealed.

According to the special website for "Shangri-la", it is a project to make people who love yasu's music smile as much as possible. The project includes (1) releasing new songs (2) dividing the whole country into 5 blocks, and hold a live tour throughout Japan(3) holding events in each area to communicate with the fans. ABC will perform these tasks inparallel.

This project comes from yasu' thought process that, "If I can make you smile with my songs, I want to your town." In recent years, it is getting harder and harder to get aticketfor ABC's live concerts. In order to better the situation, it would be the easiest to hold live concerts in bigger venues, but it would differ from yasu' intention. Also, if he holds a live tour for a long period of time, he would not be able to release anything new. According to yasu, he has always been having a dilemma, and in order to break through the dilemma, the project was launched.

Though details including the schedule have not beenrevealedyet, it's likely to be the longest and biggest-scaled project in ABC's history. Reportedly, the further details will gradually be announced on the project's special site.

Additionally, ABC will be releasing his third cover album "Recreation 3" on March 6.

Source & Image: excite MUSIC & "Shangri-la" special site

Thanks to Hyde for the tip!


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