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Amuro Namie to provide the theme song for Aragaki Yui's new drama

March 13, 2013 @ 2:42 am
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It was announced that singer Amuro Namie will provide the theme song for TBS's upcoming drama "Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu" which stars Aragaki Yui.

The theme song titled "Contrail" was exclusively written for the drama, and it's said to be amedium-tempo number with a very positive worldview. The song also contains the sound effects of the airplane associated with the title.

This is the first time in a year and a half for Amuro to sing a theme song for a drama since she previously provided "Love Story" for Fuji TV drama "Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu". "Contrail" was written and composed by Nao'ymt who has been in charge of many of Amuro's songs.

As previously reported, "Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu" is a live-action dramaadaptationof Arikawa Hiro's best selling novel of the same name. The story takes place at the public relations office ofthe Air Self?Defense Force, and it depicts the growth of a TV director (Aragaki) and a former fighter aircraft pilot (played by Ayano Go), while they both run into obstacles presented in their lives.

"Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu" will start airing on April 14th on TBS (every Sunday at 9:00 pm), while details regarding the date of release of the song haven't been finalized at the moment.

Source & Image: Oricon

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