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BoA and Kawamura Ryuichi to sing theme songs for daytime drama, 'Hakui no Namida'

March 30, 2013 @ 10:22 am
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BoA and Kawamura Ryuichi will be singing the theme songs for Fuji TV's upcoming daytime drama, 'Hakui no Namida', which starts on April 1st.

'Hakui no Namida' is set in a general hospital in a quiet town near the seaside. The protagonist will be played by Mizuno Miki, and her husband will be played by Nagai Masaru.

The opening theme will be BoA's new song, "Tail of Hope", which she'll be releasing as her new single early-summer.

Meanwhile, the ending theme will be Kawamura's new song, "Nanairo". This song was written especially for the drama, and it's scheduled for release on May 29th in both CD and CD+DVD versions.

Source & Photos: natalie


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