EXILE's NAOTO to appear in 1st serial drama 'Last Cinderella'

March 31, 2013 @ 1:32 am
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On March 29, it was revealed that EXILEs NAOTO will appear in Fuji TVs serial drama Last Cinderella (Thursdays 10 PM). The drama begins airing on April 11; this is NAOTOs first ever serial drama.

The series is a romantic comedy that realistically depicts Oyaji Joshi, who are clumsy, but powerfulwomanwho acts like an old man and are fully immersed in their jobs. NAOTO plays Kashiwagi Tomonori, the assistant to the protagonist, a deputy manager at a beauty salon named Touyama Sakura (played by Shinohara Ryoko, 39).

On the production's website, NAOTOs character is described as Perfect for the romantic, the bullied, and the comedic. His character undergoes training in cutting hair, shampooing, and the like from a hair stylist friend. He spoke about becoming unreserved around Shinohara soon after filming started with, It is similar to system shock I am doing my best so that everyone will remember me as NAOTO, the actor.

Source and Image: Sanspo


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