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Hidaka Toru's new band THE STARBEMS to release their 1st single

March 1, 2013 @ 11:08 am
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Hidaka Toru's new band THE STARBEMS will be releasing their 1st single, "FUTURE PRIMITIVE e.p.", on April 10th.

THE STARBEMS is a 6-member band comprised of Hidaka Toru (Vo), Koshikawa Kazuma (G / ex. Kegawa no Maries), Kikuchi Atsushi (G / Fed MUSIC), Goto Yusuke (G / LOCAL SOUND STYLE), Terao Junpei (B / Wild Mild), and Kochi Hiroaki (Dr / ex. SHENKEY GUNS).

"FUTURE PRIMITIVE e.p." will be sold as a one-coin single for 500 yen (~$5.40 USD). It will contain a total of 3 tracks including original numbers "The Crackin'" and "No Reaction" as well as the band version of "Talkin' 'bout Lifetime", which is the soundtrack song to Hidaka's manga 'Rockafeller Skank'.

THE STARBEMS will participate in the live event 'PUNKSPRING 2013' at Nagoya and Tokyo in late-March. The single will also be sold at these venues.



01. The Crackin'
02. No Reaction
03. Talkin' 'bout Lifetime


Source & Image: natalie


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