Hirosue Ryoko & Eikura Nana to make guest appearance on upcoming 'Legal High' special drama

March 1, 2013 @ 5:13 pm
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On February 28, it was revealed that actresses Eikura Nana (25) and Hirosue Ryoko (32) will make a guest appearance on Fuji TVs special episode of Legal High, which will be broadcast on April 13.

Broadcast as a serial drama last April, this special episode of the comedic law drama will reunite actor Sakai Masato, who plays the role of a genius lawyer protagonist, and Aragaki Yui (24), who plays the hot-blooded and stubborn rookie lawyer heroine.

The theme of the special episode will be bullying in middle school. It will focus on the proceedings between the protagonist, who will represent a bullied student, and the schools lawyer (played by Kitaouji Kinya), who will try to protect the schools reputation. Eikura will play the hot-blooded teacher who holds the important key to the bullying problem, while Hirosue will play the cool presiding judge who hands down the verdict during the climax of the episode.

Both are fans of the series and Eikura expressed her gratefulness towards being chosen to appear in the episode with, Sakai and Aragaki welcomed me warmly, which relieved me of the pain I had in my stomach until yesterday due to nervousness. Hirosue, who is playing a judge for the first time ever, appealed for team work with, Sakai is perfect as Komikado. Aragaki always does her best and is cute! Sakai, who faces the two beautiful ladies in the drama, added, The special would not be complete without these two magnificent actresses.

Source & Image: Sanspo


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