Honjo Manami gives birth to her 2nd child

March 9, 2013 @ 12:35 pm
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On March 8th, actress Honjo Manami (37) announced through her official website that she has given birth to her 2nd child.

According to the announcement, Honjo gave birth to a healthy 3,000 gram (about 7 lbs) baby boy on the morning of the 8th. She reported, "He's crying loudly beside me."

Honjo revealed her current condition, saying, "The sunlight that shines on the bed is bright and warm. Right now, I'm kindly being supported by my family and staff. After this, I would like to take a brief rest." She also called out to her fans, "I hope that it will be a good spring for everyone as well."

The actress married a non-celebrity man back in 2002 and gave birth to their 1st child in December of 2006.


Source: Oricon


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