Karina chosen as the face of alcoholic beverage 'Carina'

March 7, 2013 @ 4:49 am
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On March 5, it was revealed that actress Karina will be the face of Takara Shuzos new alcoholic gelatin beverage Carina and that she will appear in a new CM for the drink.

This is a new type of a liquor drink, as they've created a new texture with the gelatine. Three flavors Mango, Peach, and Umeshu will go on sale starting March 26. The drink is marketed towards women and thus, uses the name Carina, the Italian word for "pretty", as the products name.

Karina spoke excitedly about her name and her face being used for a new product: I was shocked [when I found out] that the drinks name is the same as mine!! But, to be honest, I was quite elated! She commented about the product saying, It is a new type of alcoholic beverage that you shake before drinking it, so I think it would be fun to drink this at parties?

Her CM will be broadcast starting in April.

Source and Image: Oricon


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