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Maeda Atsuko declares she won't be participating in AKB48's upcoming General Election

March 28, 2013 @ 5:32 pm
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On March 28, Maeda Atsuko revealed through her official Twitter that she will not be participating in 'The 5th AKB48 General Election'. As reported earlier, there was a change of rules in this year's election with the establishment of the "candidacy system". Under this, former members who were a part of the AKB48 family for more than 4 years are allowed candidacy.

On the same day, Maeda attended a press conference for 'MTV VMAJ 2013' as the MC. She stayed silent when reporters asked questions regarding her participation in the election. Then at about 3:30 pm, she tweeted, "I won't be appearing in the General Election," and explained, "During that time in June, I will be overseas for filming." She also gave a shout out to the members who will be present at the election saying, "But I will be supporting everybody from the bottom of my heart."

So far, former AKB48 members Masuda Yuka, Yonezawa Rumi, and Nakaya Sayaka revealed that they won't be participating in the election. While former SDN48 members Noro Kayo and Urano Kazumi announced their intentions to participate. The reception desk period for the candidacy will start on March 31.

Source & Image: Cinema Today
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