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Masuda Yuka appears at 'ccilu collection 2013'

March 29, 2013 @ 7:29 am
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On March 28th, former AKB48 member Masuda Yuka appeared in a shoe collection, 'ccilu collection 2013', at LaForet Museum Roppongi.

During the event, Masuda mentioned AKB48's upcoming '5th General Election'. Because she withdrew from the group due to a sleepover scandal, she had revealed on Twitter that she would not be participating in the election "in order todraw the line." When asked about her intentions about participating in next year's election, she stated, "If there is an opportunity, I would definitely want to participate."

Like Masuda, Maeda Atsuko also declared via Twitter, "I wont be appearing in the General Election. During that time in June, I will be overseas for filming. But I will be supporting everybody from the bottom of my heart." When Masuda heard about this through the reporters, she exclaimed, "Eh~ I didn't know!" She continued, "I was personally looking forward to Atsuko's appearance. But it can't be helped if she has work." She also gave a shout out to Maeda, saying, "I will continue to support Atsuko's individual activities."

On this day, Masuda wore a white dress with a red swim suit top underneath. Before appearing on stage, she showed her nervousness, saying, "I was told, 'Masuda-san, smile, smile'."

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Source & Photos: Oricon


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