More cast members announced for "Kazoku Game"

March 14, 2013 @ 6:42 am
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On March 12, it was announced that actress Suzuki Honami (46) will appear in the Fuji TV drama Kazoku Game, (Wednesdays at 10 PM) which will start airing on April 17. This is her first commercial serial drama in 15 years. She will play the role of the mother in the Numata family.Arashis Sakurai Sho (31) will star as the unconventional tutor character that is hired by the family.

Other well-known cast members will star as members of the Numata family. Kamiki Ryunosuke (19) plays the role of the eldest son who is in his 2nd year of high school. Although everybody thinks of him as a prodigy, he carries a darkness in his heart.

Uragami Seishu (13) plays the role of second son, who is a failing 3rd year middle school truant, and apparently, Uragami was chosen from 200 applicants through an audition.The drama revolves around the battles between the familys eccentric tutor (Sakurai), and their problem child (Uragami). Itao Itsuji (49) plays the role of the father who only loves his eldest son. Kutsuna Shiori (20) plays the role of the mysterious girl who seduces Itaos character.

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