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Mukai Osamu stays silent about relationship rumor with Kuninaka Ryoko

March 26, 2013 @ 8:41 am
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On March 25th, actor Mukai Osamu attended a new CM presentation event for Yukijirushi Megmilk's yogurt 'Nature megumi'.

Mukai was recentlyrumored to be in a relationship with actress Kuninaka Ryoko. After the event, hewas asked by reporters, "Is your relationship with Kuninaka-san going well?" He remained silent and left the event at a fast pace.

To coordinate with the brand name 'megumi' ('liberality'), Mukai was asked what he is blessed with. "The people around me," he responded and continued, "I can't do anything by myself. Because of the people around me, I am provided with the opportunity to star in many works. I am also able to be in a position where I can convey various things to many people."

The new CM for 'Nature megumi' starring Mukai Osamu will air starting March 26th.

Source & Photos: Oricon


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