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NMB48 appears at a stage greeting at the 5th Annual Okinawa International Movie Festival

March 27, 2013 @ 7:27 am
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On March 25, NMB48 appeared at a stage greeting for the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival held at the Okinawa Convention Center in the city of Ginowan for their first ever film NMB48 Genin! THE MOVIE Owarai Seishun Girls! (opens this year, directed by Uchida Hidemi).

NMB48 have attended the film festival three times, but this is the first time they are attending as actresses. MemberWatanabe Miyuki (19) smiled as she said, I am truly happy to be received with such a warm welcome on the red carpet.

Team M Captain Shimada Rena (19), who writes a column for the Osaka web edition of Sankei Shimbun, served as the reporter during the event.Team N captain Yamamoto Sayaka (19) commented on Shimadas probing: When she was asking questions, I was bothered by the (professional) reporters' eyes looking anxiously at her."

Source and Image: Sanspo


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