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Posted by Shiso TH STAFF Thursday, March 21, 2013

NMB48's Shinohara Kanna announces her graduation


On March 21, NMB48 member Shinohara Kanna announced her graduation from the group during the theater performance held at NMB48 theater.

Shinohara also wrote on NMB48's official blog,


"I, Shinohara Kanna, will be graduating from NMB48. I've been in NMB48 as a first generation member since I was a first year student in junior high, but I was never one of the front-line members.

I always had a dream to be a model, and I never forget my wish to make the dream come true.

After I was promoted to team N, I have experienced many things up until now. There were many fun and happy things, but of course there has been hard anddisappointingthings as well.

Even though I was a part of Senbatsu members for the 1st single 'Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo', I have not been chosen as a part of single Senbatsu since then.

I have been putting forth my best effortsafter I failed (to be chosen for Senbatsu), but it was not enough, and I could not make a good announcement for you fans due to my inadequacy. I am really sorry for you all.

I have also been said that 'why are you in team N' at handshake event. I was really sad, and I've even wished that I was never promoted to team N, but at the same time, I also thought that it was inevitable as I had nothing to be confident about.

However, I tried to think positively up to today. All I can say to you now is that I'm glad to be in team N! Being able to stand on the same stage with this wonderful members, to visit many places for tour, to laugh about silly things, and to frolic around...it was so much fun!!!

Even though there were times I suffered some hardships, and was scared to attend handshake events, I was still able to enjoy the events naturally and I felt comfortable just by thinking that there were people who waited for me, wanted to see me, wanted to cheer for me.

Thank you for saying that you loved somebody like me.

Thank you for supporting me.

I was happy to be able to encounter wonderful people like you fans and the members!!! I love NMB48members.

I will try my best to pursue my dream to be a model!!!

I can't be too dependent on NMB48 forever. Now that I graduated from a junior high school, I am taking a new step forward.

I would be happy if you support me when you see the name 'Shinohara Kanna' somewhere again.

Thank you for everything, and for your continuous support!"


Details on Shinohara's graduation including the graduation date, will be announced on the official site later.

Source: NMB48 official blog
Image: NMB48 official site

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