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Salyu announces nationwide tour starting in April

March 8, 2013 @ 12:03 pm
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Salyu has announced that she will be starting her nationwide tour, 'Salyu miscellany vol.1', in April.

Salyu's concert, her first in about a year, will be held with the concept: "Upon my 10th anniversary in 2014, I want to hold dear to the communication with my fans through music and deliver music." The tour will kick off on April 17th at Fukuoka's Hyakunen Gura for a total of 10 shows.

The tour's title "miscellany" means that Salyu will not only be performing her original songs, but will be covering songs as well.


<Salyu miscellany vol.1>

Wednesday, April 17th - Hakuta Hyakunen Gura Hall (Fukuoka) *two performances
Thursday, April 18th - Live Juke (Hiroshima)
Saturday, April 20th - Okayama MO:GLA (Okayama) *two performances
Monday, April 22nd - Kyoto Taku Taku (Kyoto)
Wednesday, May 1st - Gioiamia (Niigata) *two performances
Monday, May 13th - retro BackPage (Miyagi) *two performances
Wednesday, June 12th - Namba Hatch (Osaka)
Friday, June 14th - Nagoya CLUB DIAMOND HALL (Aichi)
Saturday, June 15th - yokohama BayHall (Kanagawa) *two performances
Sunday, June 23rd - Kinema Club (Tokyo) *two performances


Source & Image: natalie


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