Sexy Zone's Nakajima Kento to star in NTV' late-night drama 'BAD BOYS J'

March 1, 2013 @ 10:48 pm
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Idol groupSexy Zone memberNakajima Kento will be starring in NTV's upcoming serial drama "BAD BOYS J" that will begin airing in April. This will mark Nakajima's first starring drama.

"BAD BOYS J" is based on Tanaka Hiroshi's manga "BADBOYS" that has been adapted into a live-actionmovie previously in 2011. The story is set in Hiroshima where powerful delinquent groups are crowded together, and it depicts the intense youth of the delinquents.

In the drama, Nakajima will play as the leader of a delinquent group "Gokurakuchou", named "Kiriki Tsukasa". He has a strong sense of justice, and honest person, but once he loses his temper, he exerts unbelievable strength.

Also,Kis-My-Ft2' Nikaido Takashi will be making an appearance as "Danno Hidenori", the leader of the top group of gangs in Hiroshima, called "Beast" whileA.B.C-Z'Hashimoto Ryosuke will play as "Hiro", the leader of "Hiroshima Night's" that is the opposed group to "Gokurakuchou." Reportedly, many of Johnny's Jr. members will appearing in the drama as well.

Nakajima commented, "I think this is some kind of fate to be able to receive a chance like this even though I am still inexperienced in dramas. The role itself will open up new possibilities, so I think this is the bestopportunity as the first step ofa new challenge for me." Regarding his co-stars, Nikaido and Hashimoto, he said, "I've been friends with Hashimoto-kun since a long time ago, so I think the role of 'Hiro' suits him very well. About Nikaido-kun...I would not want to have a fight with himhonestly. I'm scared. When we were practicing for a fighting scene, he was very powerful, so he would be the best person to play the role."

NTV's late-night drama "BAD BOYS J" is scheduled for broadcast starting on April 6th (everySaturday on 12:50 am).

Source & Image:MANTAN WEB

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