Tsutsumi Shinichi announces his marriage

March 1, 2013 @ 8:31 pm
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On March 1, actor Tsutsumi Shinichi (48) announced through his agency' official site that he has married a 32-year-old non-celebrity woman.

Below is the comment from Tsutsumi.


Announcement of marriage

I, Tsutsumi Shinichi, have registered my marriage today on March 1st.

The partner is a 32-year-old ordinary woman, and we met each other about 4 years ago. We took our time and waited for the right moment, and now,registeredour marriage.

Since both herself and her family are ordinary people, I would like to refrain from revealing details, such as her name or photo.

Also, since this is a private matter, I ask for your kind understandingthat I will not hold any press conference.

Currently, I'm practicing for the upcoming stage play 'Ima Hitotabi no Shura' that will open in April 5th. As I got a new surrounding of 'family', I will increases the powers of concentration more than before, and strive for work.

I will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

March 1, 2013

Tsutsumi Shinichi



Source & Image: MSN Japan


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