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YGA disbands, holds final live performance

March 5, 2013 @ 4:44 pm
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On March 3, Yoshimoto Creative Agencys 10-member idol group, the Yoshimoto Gravure Agency (YGA) held their final live performance before their disbandment at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. They performed 25 songs including their last single Kimi to Deaete Yokatta!, officially ending their 4.5 years of activities.

The venue is a memorable place for the group as they have performed there with artists like Momoiro Clover (now Momoiro Clover Z) and Idoling!!! in 2010 during the TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010. Tears welled up in member Hayashi Sanaes eyes as she spoke, The view from here is great, so I have decided inside of my heart that we will return to this venue again solely (when we performed on 'TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010'). YGA is a happy group to be able to do so.

During the encore, the YGA calls from fans filled the stadium, and after the group performed their final song, leader Tani Yukako cried as she spoke, I am extremely sad at the thought that there will no longer be normal days with YGA. Everyone is an important treasure to me. Hayashi added, Although YGA is disbanding, we walk step by step towards the future as individuals. Even up to now, looking back, we received love from everyone. Because of that love, I am able to give my all towards the future.

Their last YGA FINAL LIVE performances titled HINAMATSURI 10-nin Narande Sumashigao and HAPPY Turning?Point ~Arigato Jaa ne.~ were held at day and night, and a total of 1100 fans gathered to watch their final performances. Even after their performances ended, fan cheers of YGA! YGA! could be heard throughout the venue.

YGA formed in July 2008 and they became popular after their January 2012 single Rising Sun JAPAN! ranked 2ndon the Oricon Weekly Chart. YGA announced last November that they would disband.

Source & Image: Oricon


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