flumpool's Sakai Kazuki to go on hiatus in order to devote himself to dieting

April 26, 2013 @ 7:04 pm
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flumpool has announced that guitarist Sakai Kazuki will be taking a break from appearing on visuals for the time being in order to devote himself to his diet.

Sakai has been dieting since the band's debut, but has failed and rebounded repeatedly. As a result, he's decided to take his diet seriously and made this decision. He declared that he will be successful with his diet by late-June and return to the band. Since he will only go on hiatus from appearing on visuals, he will still continue to produce music, write blogs, and appear on radio programs.

To accompany Sakai's hiatus, flumpool is currently looking for a help member. Application conditions include "someone that looks like Sakai Kazuki", "someone who looks good in a jacket", and "someone who is used to going on stage".

Source & Image: natalie


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