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Fukuyama Masaharu & Shibasaki Kou's unit KOH+ to make a comeback to sing for upcoming "Galileo" drama


On April 8th, it was revealed that Fukuyama Masaharu and Shibasaki Kou's music projectKOH+ will be making a comeback to sing the theme song for the upcoming Fuji TV drama, 'Galileo'.

The song is titled "Koi no Maryoku", and it was written and composed by Fukuyama. As the drama will broadcast in 70 locations worldwide, KARA's Hara and Taiwanese singer A-Lin will be covering the song in Korean and Chinese, respectively. This will mark Fukuyama's first time collaborating with singers from other countries.

KOH+ was formed back in 2007 when Fukuyama and Shibasaki co-starred in 'Galileo'. They attracted attention by singing the drama's theme song, and were also in charge of the theme song for the movie, 'Yougisha X no Kenshin', which was released a year later.

It's been 5 years since the two last worked together. Fukuyama wrote "Koi no Maryoku" by overlapping the image of the two heroines, Kaoru (played by Shibasaki) and Misa (Yoshitaka Yuriko), and it's described as an up-tempo love song.

The song was recorded at a studio in Tokyo in mid-February. While it has been 5 years, the two were completely in sync. Shibasaki commented, "It once again made me think that Fukuyama-san is a 'producer'. He's good at putting feeling into it." Meanwhile, Fukuyama praised her, saying, "She's added more power into herdelicate expressiveness that she's had since 5 years ago. We were pretty much okay with the first take."

For this song, KARA's Hara will work under the name 'HARA+' and A-Lin under the name 'A-Lin+'. Fukuyama said in astonishment, "When putting a different language onto the melody and backtrack that I created, it turns into a completely different sound." He continued, "I'm looking forward to how it will reach each country."

'Galileo' will air on Fuji TV every Mondays at 9:00 pm starting April 15th.

Source & Image: Sanspo 1, 2

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