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Hoshino Gen reveals short PV for "Bakemono" + album trailer for "Stranger"

April 25, 2013 @ 6:54 am
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Hoshino Gen has revealed the short PV for his new song, "Bakemono", through Victor Entertainment's official YouTube channel.

"Bakemono" is one of the tracks off of Hoshino's upcoming album, "Stranger", that's scheduled for release on May 1st. The PV was directed by Hoshino and Haruyama DAVID Shoichi.

"Stranger" marks Hoshino's 3rd full album and also his first since releasing "Episode" about a year and 8 months ago. It includes 12 songs, such as his singles "Film", "Yume no Soto e", and "Shiranai", as well as Daiichi Seimei's CM song "Umare Kawari" and "Aru Shashou", which was the ending theme for NHK E-Tele's anime 'Ojarumaru Special Ginga ga Maro wo Yondeiru ~Futari no Negai Boshi~'.

Check out the short PV and album trailer below!

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