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Kalafina holds a release event for their 4th album "Consolation"

April 6, 2013 @ 11:30 pm
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On April 6th, 3-member female vocal unit Kalafina held a release event for their 4th album, "Consolation", at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL.

The ladies sang a total of 20 songs such as the album title track "consolation", "Hikari Furu" which is the theme song for 'Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka?Magica Kouhen Eien no Monogatari', and "moonfesta" which was used in NHK's 'Minna no Uta'. Keiko said in satisfaction, "We were able to show a new Kalafina with a live filled with songs that have a 'cool hotness' appeal that's different from what we're used to."

It was also revealed that the group would be starting their nationwide tour, 'Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2013: Consolation', in June. Hikaru expressed, "We want to deliver our music more in places we haven't gone before as well as the members' hometowns." Keiko made the crowd laugh by adding, "I'm also looking forward to the local delicacies! By knowing the local food culture, I think our distance between fans will shrink. Although I may only be a glutton."

For the tour, Kalafina will make their first stop in the Tohoku region since the earthquake. Wakana commented, "I'm happy to be able to deliver Kalafina's songs. If there are people waiting for us, we'd go anywhere."

Source & Photos: Oricon


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