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Kimura Kaela to establish her private label under Victor Entertainment

April 25, 2013 @ 5:12 am
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On April 23rd, it was revealed that singer Kimura Kaela (28) will be establishing her private label under Victor Entertainment.

Kimura, who will be serving as the youngest label representative under Victor Entertainment, will announce the label name on her 9th anniversary day, June 23rd, to begin her 10th year anniversary.

The singer made her major debut back in 2004. She's released 7 original albums, as well as famous songs such as "Butterfly", "Rirura Riruha", and "Ring a Ding Dong". In 2006, she served as the vocalist for the reunion of 1970's legendary band Sadistic Mika Band. She has been going between the pop and rock genres to build her individual position and worldview.

Kimura explained, "I must not forget the feeling of wanting to take on a challenge. No matter how old I get, I mustn't be afraid of change, but instead move forward. That is my motto. I want to stay 100% Kimura Kaela by facing music, expressions, and myself more than before, and continue to transmit them."

She continued, "On June 23rd, the day of my 9th anniversary, I will announce the label name along with something else, so please look forward to it."

Source & Image: Oricon


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