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Kuramochi Asuka reveals the covers for her solo debut single

April 23, 2013 @ 3:53 am
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AKB48's Kuramochi Asuka revealed the covers for her upcoming solo debut single (currently untitled) that is scheduled for release on May 29th.

As reported previously, Kuramochi's solo debut single will be released as the prize for winning the "AKB no Gachiuma 2 Revenge", the contest to call theG1 horse race. There will be a regular edition which will come with a DVD that contains the video clip for the title track and its making-of, and five different types of "One-coin" editions(500 yen).

The covers for each "One-coin" edition was shot by 5 magazines "Young Champion", "FRIDAY", "B.L.T.", "Weekly Playboy", and "Weekly Big Comic Spirits", and these "One-coin" editions are subject to a competition called "Jacket 1 GP", in which the 5 magazines compete against with each other for the number of CD sales. Also, fans can try to predict the order of the sales, and cast their votes with the ballot that will beincludedin the CD for a chance to win the "right to go see the horse racing with Kuramochi Asuka".

Reportedly, Kuramochi is in charge of the lyrics for the title track, and it has already been chosen as the CM song for JRA.

Which one of the covers is your favorite?

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Source & Image: natalie & Cinematoday


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