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LinQ holds live events in Tokyo & Fukuoka simultaneously

April 19, 2013 @ 4:01 am
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On April 17, Fukuoka-based idol group LinQ held simultaneous commemorative live performances for their major debut single Chime ga Owareba (released on the same day) at the nicofarre in Roppongi, Tokyo and at the Best Hall in the Best Hall atBest Denki Fukuoka main store in Fukuoka.

The day of their major debut also happened to be their 2 year anniversary since they first held a public performance on April 17, 2011. LinQ split into two groups of 15 and held commemorative live performances in Tokyo and Fukuoka. The group performed 10 songs using NTT Wests communication system Hikari?DUETTO so that the image and sounds of the members and fans at both locations were broadcast in real time.

The groups new leader Amano Natsu (19), who was elected to her role in February, smiled as she said at the Tokyo stage, I have a quick announcement! Our debut song 'Chime ga Owareba' has placed 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart!as fans called out Congratulations and clapped.Ichinose Miku (26), the most senior member of the group, thanked fans from the Fukuoka stage with, I am happy that we were able to bring this news to everyone. The 30 members then proceeded to sing and dance the song spiritedly.

Amano followed saying, It is because of all of you [our fans] that we are able to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and complete our major debut. Although the situation has changed for us, I would like to celebrate our 3rd and 4th anniversary with everyone here. From here on out, we want to move everyone to tears and impress everyone. As we would like to reach even greater success, we ask that you continue to keep supporting us! After she finished her statement, the group gave a deep bow.

LinQ, which meansLove in Kyushu, began their activities in Tenjin,Fukuoka in 2011. The group has released 5 indie singles and 1 indie album. Their previous song CHIKU-TAKU/Going My Way! (released for sale in January), placed 5th on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

Source and Image: Oricon


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