Mitani Koki to film another single-cut drama starring Takeuchi Yuko

April 19, 2013 @ 4:39 am
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On April 14th, WOWOW announced that famed director Mitani Koki is working on another drama that will be filmed in one scene without a single cut titled 'Daikuko 2013 (tentative)' (lit. 'Major Airport').

'Daikuko 2013' is written by Mitani himself and is going to be a comedy about a family that gets stuck at an airport due to bad weather and the multiple problems they face there. WOWOW already aired a similar drama project of Mitani titled 'short cut' in 2011. It was a very short scale project with a main cast of only three actors, but this time the story is set an airport and will feature an ensemble of 12 actors, including actress Takeuchi Yuko as the protagonist.

Mitani commented about this project, "I wanted to do something even more difficult than last time. This time we are indoors and we'll get to film at an actual airport, which means more space we can make use of. Furthermore there will be twelve people instead of three this time as well. As for the story, I'm aiming for much more depth and more complex, intertwining relationships between the characters. I think this could make a great drama."

Takeuchi is playing a member of the groundcrew who gets dragged into the problems of the family. Other characters include Namase Katsuhisa as a reportage writer with money problems, Toda Erika as a mysterious woman, Odagiri Joe as a fake pilot, and Kagawa Teruyuki as the father of the family who holds a big secret. They will be supported by more actors such as Ikematsu Sosuke, Kajihara Zen, Aoki Sayaka, Ishibashi Anna, Ayata Toshiki, Komoto Masahiro, and Kanno Misuzu. All twelve of them will have to show great teamwork and professionalism in order to film the whole drama without having to stop the camera even once.

Mitani expressed about his lead actress Takeuchi, "From the time we already had together before I can tell that Takeuchi has an amazing power of concentration. I think she is an incredible actress who can seamlessly cover up various accidents and make her role even more interesting by doing so." He continued, "Her character will be present all the time, which makes it the most difficult role of this drama. I thought that there would be no one else than Takeuchi who could play such a role. It sure will be a tough challenge, but I already know the more I corner her, the more she would shine, so I will try to drive her into a corner as much as I can."

Takeuchi herself commented about starring in one of Mitani's works, "It feels like the encounters of unfamiliarity(laughs). Right now I'm feeling like I'm going up a roller coaster. You're gradually reaching the top and... you wonder what kind of scene is going to open up in front of you." She confessed, "I can't really imagine how this is going to work out yet. (laughs) I've never participated in something similar, so I don't know how he is going to film it. However, I do know that I will try my hardest to keep up with him." She added, "Mitani said that he is going to drive me into a corner. I wonder what I'm like when I'm driven into a corner, so I'm really looking forward to this."

WOWOW has yet to reveal an exact date for the broadcast of 'Daikuko 2013', but it's going to be sometime this year.

Source: Mantan-Web
Image: MyNaviNews


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