Sakai Masato & Kanno Miho register their marriage

April 3, 2013 @ 3:20 pm
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Actor Sakai Masato (39) and actress Kanno Miho (35) registered their marriage on April 2, which was an auspicious day according to the Buddhist calendar. The couple was present at a ward office in Tokyo to complete their marriage registration. Currently, they live together and are said to be looking for a new home. Their ceremony and reception dates have yet to be set.

Through their agency, the couple commented, We Sakai Masato and Kanno Miho are reporting through this that we made an entry in our family register on April 2. From here on out, both of us will face with every single work sincerely while supporting each other as husband and wife. Thank you for your continuous support.

After co-starring in the film Ooku~ Eien~ [Emonnosuke?Tsukayoshi Hen] (The Castle of Crossed Destinies) last December, Sakai and Kanno grew closer and with Sakais strong approach, they began dating seriously after the film was released.


Source & Image: Oricon eltha


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