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SKE48's Matsumura Kaori to make her solo CD debut

April 16, 2013 @ 7:39 am
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It was announced during SKE48's live concert, held at Nippon Gaishi Hall on April 14th, that the group's "lifetime honoraryKenkyuusei", Matsumura Kaori, would make her solo CD debut. She will be the first member to make a solo debut from the group.

At the concert, the surprise announcement, "The first solo project from SKE48 is starting! SKE48 lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei Matsumura Kaori," appeared on the screen, and it brought a great shout of joy from the audience of 8,000. Matsumura's debut will be under a mysterious indie label called "Nishiki Dori Records", and a limited number of 1000 copies will be released. Reportedly, when all the 1,000 copies are sold out, additional pressed copies will be made. Other details on the CD debut, including the title and the release date, have not been revealed at this moment.

Regarding this announcement, Matsumura could not hide her surprise. She said confusedly, "Will there be people by the CD? Don't tell me 'You will graduate if you can sell them all,'" but she continued, "I will make a good use of this chance and will do my best, so that I will be able to have additional pressed copies over 100 times."

Matsumura gained the title of "lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei" during the group's first team shuffle on the first day of their live concert at the same venue.

Stay tuned for further details on Matsumura Kaori's solo CD debut.

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Source & Image: Oricon

Thanks to Josh Tan for the tip!


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