Takimoto Miori to star in 'Sadako 3D 2'

April 14, 2013 @ 11:08 pm
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On April 16th, it was revealed that young actress Takimoto Miori is going to star in the upcoming sequel to the popular horror movie 'Sadako 3D',announced last October.

Suzuki Koji, the author of the original 'Ring' novels, and director Hanabusa Tsutomu have once again teamed up. Their goal is to once again create "the most terrifying 3D attraction horror movie". Filming of the movie already began in early March and is being realized with the latest 3D technology available. Director Hanabusa is expecting to wrap up filming at the end of April.

The story of is set five years after the events of 'Sadako 3D' and follows 24-year-old 'Ando Fuuko' (Takimoto), a clinical psychology graduate student who also raises her 4-year-old niece. Many mysterious things are starting to happen around Fuuko's niece. She soon discovers that those are related to the 'cursed online clip' case that happened five years ago.

Takimoto had her breakthrough in the NHK morning drama 'Teppan' and appeared in many dramas ever since. Her role as the protagonist in 'Sadako 3D 2' is going to mark her first starring role in a movie. As if that isn't already a big enough challenge, she also has to deal with her extreme fear of ghosts.

In fact, Takimoto is even afraid of just holding the script with its pitch black cover in her hands. Therefore, she forced herself to read through the whole script and memorize most of it in just three days. Director Hanabusa revealed with a grin that he is making her cry almost every day.

'Sadako 3D' was a huge hit at the box office, especially among teenagers who made up more than half of the moviegoers. A surprising result for a 3D movie in Japan. Moreover, the movie and its horror icon Sadako had been in the news for its unique promotional campaigns. Sadako appeared at baseball opening ceremonies, teamed up with 'Hello Kitty', and even released a photo book.

Director Hanabusa said about the sequel, "My goal is to top the ranking for the most satisfying 3D horror movie for two years in a row! I want this to become a work that defines 3D horror movies!"

'Sadako 3D 2' is slated for a nationwide release on August 30th.

Source:, Sanspo


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