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AKB48's Kuramochi Asuka throws the ceremonial first pitch with her father

May 18, 2013 @ 7:45 pm
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On May 18, an interleague game between Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Chiba Lotte Marines was held at the Jingu Stadium, andAKB48 member Kuramochi Asuka threw the ceremonial first pitch together with her father Kuramochi Akira who used to be a professional baseball player.

Wearing a uniform with the number "80", Kuramochi stood on the mound with a serious look, and threw the ball toward her father who was holding a mitt. The pitch was veered in the left, and so her father had to go pick it up. Regardless of the result, the two received warm applause from the audience.

After the ceremonial first pitch, Kuramochi made a comment, "This was my fourth time throwing the first pitch, but it wasn't a satisfied one. I noticed I messed it up at the moment I threw the pitch.", and her father agreed wit her saying, "It was a useless ball, indeed." He then continued, "We will attend the ceremonial pitch next time, after I will make her practice sufficiently. I'm pretty sure she has the genes...maybe some." which brought laughs to the press.

Kuramochi also commented about upcoming Senbatsu general election, "My feeling is always (as high as) a home run. I want to aim as high rank as possible with my ability."

This ceremonial first pitch was one of the prizes for winning the "AKB no Gachiuma 2 Revenge", acompetitionto call a G1 horse race. Addition to the prize, she is also making her solo debut with a single "Itsumo Soba ni" (to be released on May 29th).

Source & Image(s): Oricon


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