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BABYMETAL to perform at the "Summer Sonic 2013"

May 19, 2013 @ 1:30 am
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On May 18th, BABYMETAL announced that they will attend the"Summer Sonic 2013" rock festival (to be held in August).

The announcement was made at their live concert held at ZEPP DiverCity Tokyo, and it will mark their second consecutive year to attend the Summer Sonic. Last year, BABYMETAL's appearance for the Summer Sonic was only at the venue in Tokyo, but this year, they will perform at venues in both Tokyo and Osaka.

BABYMETAL is a sub unit of idol groupSakura Gakuin consisting ofSU-METAL (Nakamoto Suzuka),MOAMETAL (Kikuchi Moa), andYUIMETAL (Mizuno Yui). There is a rule that Sakura Gakuin members graduate from the group with their graduation from junior high school, and a member SU-METAL (Nakamoto Suzuka) graduated from Sakura Gakuin back in March. However, she continues her activities in BABYMETAL.

The live held the day was the final stage for their tour "BABYMETAL DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 -Gogatsu Kakumei-", and about 7,000 fans attended the tour for four stages in total.

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Source & Image(s): MANTAN WEB


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