Former Momoiro Clover member Hayami Akari to star in a movie

May 17, 2013 @ 6:46 am
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Former Momoiro Clover member and current actress Hayami Akari (18) will star in the movie "Momose, Kocchi wo Muite", which will mark her first feature film. The movie is based on Nakata Eiichi's novel of the same name about a first love which starts from a "painful lie."

The story depicts a time limited pseudo-romance between a sprightly girl, "Momose Yo", and her unappealing classmate, "Aihara Noboru".

Hayami will be playing the protagonist "Momose Yo" who trifles with Noboru, and in order to prepare for the role, she's cut 45cm (~17.5") of her long hair. She said enthusiastically, "Since my theme for 2013 is 'give it all I got,' I will give it all I got so that I can make a wonderful work together with the cast members and staff members regardless of my anxiety." Regarding the role, Hayami said, "I think me and the 'Momose Yo' are very alike as both of us are frank."

The role of "Aihara Noboru" will be played by rookie actor Takeuchi Taro (23), and Kudo Asuka (21) will play Noboru's senior named "Miyazaki Shun", while Ishibashi Anna (20) will be Shun's girlfriend "Kanbayashi Tetsuko."

A film production company ROBOT will be in charge of the production, and it will be directed by Yakumo Saiji who belongs to ROBOT.

"Momose, Kocchi wo Muite." is set for release next spring.

Source & Image: Oricon


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