Kimura Kaela & Eita are expecting their 2nd baby

May 15, 2013 @ 4:24 am
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It was revealed thatKimura Kaela, who married actor Eita back in September 2010, will be having her second baby.

According to a source, Kaela is five months pregnant, and will give birth in November. Kaela, who is busy preparing for the establishment of her private label, will continue with her work for the time being while considering her condition and getting support from Eita.

Reportedly, she found out about her pregnancy when she received a medical check-up in thebeginningof April, and the couple were highly pleased.

Kaela wrote on her official site, "I'm blessed with a second child. I'm frightfully happy that we are having an addition to our family again, and a precious life is growing in my belly. I will continue my efforts as a woman, and as an artist, so please watch over me warmly. Though I will take a break from live concerts, I am still creating new works. Please continue to support me."

Congratulations to Kimura Kaela and Eita!

Source & Image: Sanspo (1+2), Kimura Kaela's official site


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· Posted June 15, 2013 @ 12:02 pm

Congrat!!! I love this couple so muchhh 

They seem to be happy as a family and mature relation

The End