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Manga 'LIMIT' to get drama adaptation starring Sakuraba Nanami

May 14, 2013 @ 5:42 am
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On May 13th, TV Tokyo announced that they will be adapting the manga 'LIMIT' by Suenobu Keiko ('LIFE') into a drama starring actress Sakuraba Nanami (20) for the upcoming summer season.

'LIMIT' has been serialized in the manga magazine 'Bessatsu Friend' from 2009 until 2011 and spawned a total of six volumes. The protagonist is a girl named 'Konno Mizuki' (Sakuraba), a typical senior high school girl who is good at studying, knows much about fashion and is good at reading the situation. She is also fortunate to belong to the cool clique of her class called the "Sakura Group".

One day the class is on their way to a field trip, when suddenly their bus falls of a cliff in the mountains. Only five girls survive the accident. They are injured, lost in the mountains and no one is coming for their rescue anytime soon. Pushed to their limits, the girls are forced to switch into survival mode and to lay bare their innermost feelings.

Three of the four other girls are played by Tsuchiya Tao (18), Kudo Ayano (16), and Yamashita Rio (20).

Tsuchiya plays 'Kamiya Chieko', a calm and collected loner who doesn't belong to any clique and knows a lot about survival. Kudo portrays 'Ichinose Haru', a girl with an eating-disorder who also belongs to the "Sakura Group" and holds complicated feelings towards Mizuki.

The fourth girl, 'Morishige Arisa' is played by Yamashita. Arisa is a plain and introverted girl who either gets ignored or bullied by her classmates. She writes down every detail in her notebook and creates an "execution list" of her bullies. Her personality completely changes after the accident and she begins to turn the tables right away.

TV Tokyo will air 'LIMIT' in their "Drama 24" time slot every Friday at midnight starting in July.

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